He assembled a home studio to record his first CD and on that CD, he achieved another goal, he played all the instruments himself.


Randy Walsh started playing music in 1962 at the age of 10.

A self-taught musician, he has mastered 13 instruments. Walsh wrote and recorded his first 45 record at age 14, and he later played music professionally and travelled the United States with a band for five years.

A career change brought him into the film industry where he became a well-known and respected cinematographer in Louisiana.

Walsh shot feature films, made for TV shows and specials, national, regional and local commercials and national music videos.

During a thirty-year period behind the movie camera, Walsh won numerous local, regional and national awards for his cinema graphic eye and lighting ability.While shooting “Going Back to New Orleans,” the documentary film part of the critically acclaimed CD and concert video, “Deacon John’s Jump Blues,” Walsh was inspired and reentered the music scene.

After ten years of home recordings, Walsh designed an acoustic tracking studio within a renovated cabin on the property of Augusta Plantation. The studio was completed in June of 2010, and although Walsh thought he would have time to produce his own music, the word (and the sound) spread, and he has been recording music for others ever since.


CURRENTLY: Walsh incorporated his film experience into his Stray Records work and is offering to produce and shoot music videos as a part of the Stray Records experience.

The studio employs all equipment assets from Stray Films, which includes full HD cine digital cameras, camera cranes, stediCams, sliders, full location lighting and grip, generators and much, much more.