The Studio

The studio vibe is responsible for recording great tracks, even more so than the microphone that is used. The vibe inspires and enhances an artist’s writing and performance and gives the music its power. If you are working in other studios but feel something is missing, or if you have a home studio and need fresh inspiration, come to Stray Records for a personal tour and experience the vibe.

Tech Tour


Designed primarily for single tracking projects, we do offer 24 tracks , simultaneously recorded, and an infinite number of single tracking.We have 3- 8 x 8 isolation booths, each with 27" flat screen displaying the tracks as you work. Iso booths are visually connected by double glass windows and an intercom. Recording Platform is Apple using Logic software 24 track Presonus Studio Live interface. All preamps are tube- class A, We feature the legendary Universal Audio 610, Four Art Pro II stereo preamps and a host of Presonus Blue Tubes. The mic drawer starts with the U87, 2- Sure KSM 44, 32 and 27 large diaphragms, 6 AKG 1000 med diaphragms, 6- SM57 and 4- SM58 bata, The Fat Head Ribbon Mic

Instruments in studio include, but not limited to:

  • Engelharot Contra Bass

  • Fender

  • P elect bass

  • Cello

  • Violas

  • Violins

  • Gretsch G6118T electric guitar

  • Fender Strat electric guitar

  • Taylor 810 acoustic guitar

  • Casio -310 weighted 88 key piano

  • Monroe Mandolin

  • 2 banjos Fender Do

  • BroLap-steel guitar

  • 1970 Ludwig Drum kit Assortment of shakers and percussion goodies

  • 1971 Fender Princeton Reverb

  • 1964 Vox Berkley Super Reverb II (tube)

  • 1968 Bassman 50 head and cab. (awesome)

  • 1970 Silvertone model 1465 150w

  • 1965 Kustom Bass 200 head and cab

Studio Amenities

Stray Records is housed in an old cabin on the Augusta Plantation just 30 minutes from Baton Rouge, La. While recording with us, you may want to stay over in a Bed and Breakfast style atmosphere. Located on a dead-end road and surrounded by thousands of acres of sugar cane, the hustle and bustle of town is only 30 miles away, but feels like forever. Enjoy gourmet dining from our menu tailored specifically for you. Relax or write in the Saloon, cozy up to a fire and let the music play. Hope you like dogs, we have 7 strays thanks to the dead-end road. They are all members of our family and happen to be excellent studio employees.